Our Services

Interior & Exterior Painting

DB PAINTING specializes in repairing cracks to prevent them from spreading across the surface. In this way, you can avoid situations that present moisture intrusion, interior leaks and damage to the structure of your building.

Power Washing

Our pressure washing service is done without the use of harsh chemicals. Instead, we use the latest pressure washing technology for incredible results. Our trained technicians will do their best to do an amazing job.

Stain Painting

If your wooden furniture has begun to lose its appeal and vigor, we will take care of recovering it! Our experts use the best staining products that will make your wood doors, cabinets and floors look shiny and brand new.

Stucco Repair

Say goodbye to bulging stucco, cracks and brown streaks. We'll replace any damaged exteriors and make your home look like new in no time. Our team will work with you to determine what stucco repairs your home needs.

Drywall Repair

Cracks and holes in plaster can occur when the seasons change, when your home suffers water damage, or as a result of settlement and daily wear and tear. Whether it's cracked or crumbling plaster, we've got you covered.


You want your parts to look and feel exactly as designed, so achieving the perfect finish is essential to your complete satisfaction. Our technicians are prepared to offer a full range of finishing services.